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Japanese Prostitutes
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My roomate just returned from Japan with wild stories about Japanese prostitutes who charge men- usually middle-aged married men, for strictly cunnilingus. No sex, no intercourse- just man eating girl sex. She tells me that this is a huge business in Japan and that the men have and pay lots of money for this type of prostitution. <br />
<br />
Is this happening in other countries? I had never heard about this before. It has nothing to do with Geisha - there was another word for this, whch I forgot.
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Japan old tradition that young girl be kept flowered and be ripened by young boy until married. Today young boy no no in society.

Young girl be receiver of cunnilingus from husband. Girl who do house, cook, shop be ripe to bear fruit until husband make money. Husband no intercourse until have money to start family. If husband no start family, wife by tradition be receiver long time to keep marriage together. When wife bear children
no longer tradition to keep daily cunnilingus.
Some huband and wife enjoy and continue. If wife no longer desire and husband do, okay for husband to find young girl and pay for cunnilingus. Young girl value by how much fruit she bear. More fruit wetness, more money.

It not thought to be wrong for young girl to get money for cunnilingus. Only wrong for money for intercourse or blowjob. Many girls have second and third job and no time for boy friends. Usually well paying cunnilingus only need one man.
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@: Robin
So, you are basically saying that Japanese women are all whores who only fuck their husbands for money?


Me, I love a good "tongue lashing"

Que up boys, prices start at $500.00 (US) No checks.

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Why would a man pay for that when he could pay for it all...and if hes very lucky he might even be able to get it for free
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I have heard about this before. It is underground business in Japan. Mostly married men in business would pay for customers prostitute. I think that a prostitute that has sex is considered dirty, but a certain kind of prostitute that only allows oral sex is considered clean and wholesome by Japanese men. Also, cheating on wife is considered a big dishonor to wife and family but performing cunnilingus is not considered cheating in Japanese culture.
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Thats all folk lore. Those guys are simply horny. Prostitutes will do anything for money.
Horny men with money will pay for all kinds of sex no matter how odd it may seem.
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I am caucasian and have dated a few Japanese girls- most will either only go out with Japanes men, or they will only go out with Caucasians- not both.
The japanese girls that I have been with either think they are superior race and expect a lot from a guy or the others (the nice ones) simply prefer the tongue.

I guess getting paid to enjoy the tongue is a pretty good way to make a living.....
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........ AGREED!
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this story again??
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