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Job Situation. Need Advice.
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A bit on my background, I have just been fired during my probationary period. This last week was my first assignment that I completed by myself. Unfortunately, last week was my last week working, because my work was deemed unsatisfactory. I also resigned from a job 2 weeks ago, because I thought this job that I got fired from would be long term. This job I resigned from took me back after I got laid off from a previous job due to budget shortfalls. I don’t know whether to ask for my old job back for the third time or to move on and find another new job all together. I have 2 Bachelor’s degrees with over 2 years professional work experience and need advice to help me come up with different possible avenues of where go. Thanks in advance for any replies or advice.
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Find a nice freeway overpass to live under
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@: xfg34
I said the same thing before I was fired to someone. Careful of Karma. Just a friendly piece of advice.
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I'd take every effort to move on to a new job. Nowadays, you don't get promotions—switching jobs is how you increase your pay. Just make sure you don't burn any bridges on your way out, and make sure your resume is up to date.

And you probably know this, but the main point of interviews is to make sure you're likeable and not a pain to be around all day.
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try and get the old one back and think of like a skill you have to work for yourself to make extra cash
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I have been in the work market for the last 39 years and believe me there is no such thing as "job satisfaction"

We all work because we have to! However when you start thinking that world owes you something, you are doomed to failure!

Go to work with the attitude that I have deadlines to meet, achieve your daily targets, go home, relax, sleep and start the next day with the same attitude.

Weekends are for relaxing and spending time with loved ones. Week days are for earning money to do what you like on weekends and for paying for things you need in life.

Nobody "owes" you anything so do the best with what you have. Experience cannot be bought it gets earned!

Live life, be positive, laugh and all the rest will follow suit!
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