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Laughing and crying at the same time.
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When I'm home alone, sitting on the couch with my guitar, often I realize the fact that I have no family and how f**ked my life has been. It makes me laugh and cry like crazy at the same time like a lunatic. Does this happen to anyone else?
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Laughing and crying at the same time? Yeah, that happens to me a lot.
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chill buddy , i know how you feel . i find it best to not think about it too much.
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Once in one of my classes I had something taken off of me and I got these mixed up emotions for no reason so I started to cry a bit and laughed my ass off in the middle of the class and then cried a lot. I usually have friends laugh at me when I do it because I've done it quiet often. I never new it was normal and I hate when I do it because it feels good once i've finished... But yes apparently it's normal.
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I've had that a few times in my life, when my emotions were strong but I also felt rediculous. I don't think its normal b/c I have chronic depression and anxiety and my husband thinks I'm nuts when i do this.
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Happens to me all the time when I watch funny things or when a sad emotional thing happens(Like a sad part in a book or movie) when I get hurt sometimes or random times or even on my period. Also at heart trobbing moments in (anime or manga books) note* If you don't know what anime or manga is search it up.
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