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Mackinaw island is a disgrace.
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Hundreds of thousands of people drive 5 or more hours to read historical "facts" and buy fudge and ride a bike with their family. There's also multiple horses that shit all over the entire street. Why is this embarrassment still existing? At what point in this post would you recieve enjoyment or pleasure? If you want to humiliate your own citizens, you might as well blow it up now.
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Never heard of it but hey, fudge! :D
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Bet the plants are doing well with all the shit about!!
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Is there a reason this matters? Tourism is all some places have.
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1 you mispelled Mackinac, 2, no motor vehicles are allowed on the island, so how else are you supposed to get around?, and 3 those are indeed historical facts...
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Do you mean Mackinac Island? The one in Michigan.
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don't you understand how stupid everybody is in this country? We spent more money this year looking for a supposed time traveler than every war combined, and it turns out he never even existed! whoopsy daisey
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Yes it is a disgusting place. But it attracts disgusting people so that there are fewer of them to bother you.
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I am super glad that I wasn't the only one to notice the misspelling of Mackinac. What else do you expect with an island where no motor vehicles are allowed..?
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