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Making black girls swallow
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I'm 31 and a white male and for the last 8 years I pay black (and only black girls) to swallow my cum. I blowed my load in 74 different black b**ches mouthes. They don't suck my d*** I pay them only to open their mouth and swallow my cum. No emotion no feelings hurt only sexual satitsfaction I love the way they swallow my cum. Black are the best.
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Comments (6)
that's fucked up. not to mention incredibly demeaning. why Black girls?
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So let me get this straight. You PAY girls to jack off in their mouths.

Guy, I have to ask, and I mean this respectfully: Are you fucking retarded?

If you have a willing fem there, paid or otherwise, why would you jack off? I will NEVER understand how a guy's mind works.

I can understand the black thing. I get WET over thinking of a certain African-American girl (around here) myself. I am female so it's a little different but I understand the attraction to people of colour.

And a certain black guy as well (Knuck!)

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Don't listen to Vaver16 and SPAM_JAVELIN.

They are very gay.
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In my sick fuck opinion: Why cum in their mouths, nut of the whores faces.
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fucking retard
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I'm black...... I don't even know what to say to you. You're fucking disgusting and you make black girls like me sick. You only like whores and have no moral.
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