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Making love to a virgin
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My girl is a virgin can you guys tell me the technique to fuck her yet without hurting her
make comment practicable pls
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Comments (10)
First of all you don't fuck her. You're to make love to her . . .
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I'd say let HER decide if/when it's time for her to loose her virginity. If you just want a peice, there are plenty of easy ones out there.
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I'm not the one to provide this pearl of wisdom, but can we get some posts from girls on this one. Y'all are the ones went through it.
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take it from a girl
its gonna hurt you can go slow and kiss her let her know you care or just go in fast wait for her to ajust to the feeling just dont fu*k her just becuz.
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If you still have this 'problem' do everything posible to get her in a loving mood.

Subdued lighting. Candlelight [safe saucers - away from bed]. Kiss & play with her nipples until they are hard. Kiss your way down lower, until she can't stand more. Then, sit erect on a towel, on a hard kitchen chair. Have her face you, with her legs straddling yours.

This will give her maximum control while you kiss everything in front of you.

Follow through with more oral - let her know how special she _still_ is, & how lucky _you_ feel.
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like every ones said nice and slow go in bit by bit then when you eventualy are in pull out slow then build up from that dont just force it in she'll scream and then probably knock you out
lol just be as understanding as you can cos they feel very vonerable at this point

good luck son
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yes...dont f**k her. you know...i dont think there is any way you can "make love" to her without it hurtin her.
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You will have to get her very wet a good lickin should do that but its gonna hurt the first time no matter what you do. Try putting a little bit in at a time and she gradually take your massive girth at her own pace
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i like to make them scream
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I don't think there is a way not to hurt her, unless you have a tiny one.. in the all porn I've seen the girl always bleeds after the first time. the first time may hurt, but you gotta keep at it.. like breakin in a pair of shoes... yessir...
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