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Masterbate every night in order to fall asleep
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Beginning when I was 13, I would masterbate at night in bed, then fall asleep. Now I'm in my 30's and I find it extremely difficult to sleep without masterbating. I still enjoy it, but sometimes it's a lot of work, and would like to not be dependent on doing it. Is it normal?
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I used to be like that. Got so used to doing it twice a day and once before bed to help me fall asleep. It became a habit but I eventually broke out of it.
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i find it difficult too
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Im the same way and it gives me a better nights sleep. I guess because its so relaxing and makes u happy and sleepy but i wouldnt know im 17
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Dont feel guilty. Masterbating makes tired causing sleep. But if you could read any of your academic text books probably u can go to sleep earlier. My suggestion is not to use masterbating daily. Better try to be with ur family or friends.
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