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Masturbation w/ meth
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If I have a day off of work and know that Ill have complete privacy Ill spend my morning snorting crystal meth,watch porn and masturbating using various sex toys on myself like anal vibrators and masturbation sleeves.Ill do this for hours on end,and Its now gotten to the point to where I prefer this over actual sex.
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Even ad a female i'd have to agree... blissfull
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i have to say that masterbating on meth is out of this world its the ultimate in having a massive orgasm ,after smoking a couple of points 15 to 20 minutes later my arse is tingling and im rock hard ready to go for hours i usually do this with a couple of girls i know they actual administer the meth into their anusus using a syringe ( no pick of course )ive never done this but it must work because the girls go rite off the 3 of us usually watch porn and mutually wank each other for hours - i love it
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ive wanted to try booty bumping while masterbating what you think? Amazing?
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Dude you can't have sex because your dick is poison. You either can't get it up, or can't get it off. Probably both.
In my work, I have to deal with people like you everyday. You know what it does to your body, you know what it does to your family. But, let me guess, you have it under control. that will change, it always does.
Let me just tell you this and anyone else in here that does this stupid so called drug. I work in medicine, I have a client that is a 22 yo male, and has been off of meth for two years now. You would think that's great right? Well he did just enough meth to damage a portion of his brain that now makes him have hallucinations about every 10 minutes. And I'm not talking neon colored pyschodelic hallucinations. I'm talking terror, conspiracys, paranoia, every 10 mins or so for the rest of his life. So, smoke up! You in for a bumpy life.
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The guy above has it totally right.
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@: Satan
hé! i really would like to talk with you... cause i do the same... i can masturbate for many hours under drugs effects... there's nothing better than that... i can do it for a hole day, and more, watching very (they are never enough for me, i alway's want more!) porns or into public men's rooms...

if you want.. we should talk about it a little.. ĉome back to me as soon as possible!
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I as well have done meth and enjoyed hours of self stimulation.

It is incredible.
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get back to me
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Hell yeah its normal. I would never masturbate w/out meth but on it sex is much better. I think some of the comments on here about how this drug is bad is by those people who say okay I want to be a part of a certain group lets say conservative so I'm going to think whatever they think and respond the way I think they would. Pussies! To that guy who said some guy hallucinates he was already crazy. I know people who have done meth for 20 something years. Hardcore addicts and they are doing just fine. Yeah some fell off but not like on crack. Actually every person I know that does meth has a job some have a college degree but all have a home and some have a car. Now with crack every crack head I've met is homeless. Anyways you live life once and as long as no one gets hurt you still handle your business than do it whenever you want. Have fun doing it. Dont get caught by the police and dont tell anyone that doesnt need to know that you do it.
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I do the same. Only under the influence of amphetamines. Its normal.
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I really hope you're joking, though I'm certain you're not. No part of that is remotely normal, or sane, for that matter.

I am a meth addict. I use at least once a week (usually more), and have done so for a few years now. And over the past few months I have become a porn addict, as well. Most of the time I love it... I think I love it at the time, anyway. But the truth is I hate it, though I rarely have moments of clarity like tonight where I realize that, and I promise myself that this is the last time, but it never is.

I hate this, and chances are you do, too, or if you don't, you certainly will soon. This is no way to live.

You know this isn't normal. We both go out of our way to poison ourselves day after day because we don't know how to do not do so. That isn't fucking normal.

Good luck, buddy.
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I liked reading all these responses.
Porn is definitely my go-to after a few ingested points (oral administration) have begun to go down my throat hatch, and after about 30 minutes or so have passed since my swallowing time, I truly love getting wayyyy into browsing pics, vids, sites, using lotions, diff. kind of lotions, vaseline, olive oil, vibrating things, weird shit, always something new if i can get my hands on it...but yeah i have gone literally, I swear to god im not exaggerating at all, or playing around here, serious shit, i've easily gone 3-4+ days STRAIGHT just playing with myself in fucked up, creative new ways, always smoking fatass bowls during the harsh comedowns when the horniness/libido factor starts to begin to wear off a little, and not shine AS brightly as during the peak of your high... but smoke that fat fuckin' bowl, and whew!! Another climax-peak of rushy-awesome-HORNILY-as-fucking-shit jitteryness meth-induced-highness rushes thru out over my entire body in (sexy) waves, getting more and more and MORE AND FUCKING MORE intense, the longer I'm at it... I will not cum for hours, days, at a time, AND 100% DONE SO ON PURPOSE, because I truly enjoy this whole lengthy lovely lusty experience ONLY meth has been able to accomplish giving me in such a rush-y, addicting, way. WHEN I have meth, I binge on it til it's all fucking gone - then ill usually get more soonafter a huge binge, then when I crash thru all my damn funds I come up with more eventually, and repeat the same process - but in that meantime of raising the money for the next adventure, I am in a sober or semi-sober (maybe marijuana, maybe alcohol some, maybe w/e, but i fuckin' truly hate ALL else that does not have STIMULANT-LIKE properties!) and in the process of getting my meth, that is ALL I CAN EVER THINK ABOUT! no matter how much i try to act like i can just one day be 'ight' with life withOUT it - NO, i have realized i will always at this point be addicted to the shit... there's no way I could ever stop loving what this Stim has been doing to me all along the way nigga, you'll see me zooming for days feeling like an angel of aggression, and later come flying straight nose-dive-action downwards spiraling, like a crashing plane into my brainboner barrier of life.... I hope when I die I'm high on meth because I will be at peace thru my departure :) death and a lot of other things become a whole lot less discerning to you, with your newfound drug-induced boost of self-confidence, self-esteem, and unwillingness to submit to your shortcomings. idk meth has definitely fucked my brain up tho, and for THAT i really dislike that part of it greatly - intelligent meth users, you will one day understand the gravity of how self-satisfying the drug may have been for you back in your glory days of getting everything u ever wanted for urself, but once you lose your intelligence - it's going to be the most depressing deprivation of myself that will only lead to deep despair and a slow, agonizing, death. I only plan on living til maybe my 30's, but bangin' every day the same - it will never get old until my brain's basically broken/busted down. I would definitely cry at my own reflection, if I had that ability to see that person when i was not a meth-maniac. I'm actually, tbh, more sad for the people who are sad for ME ,, than I am for MY SELF!! Other ppl's agony becomes my agony, when it's partially due to reasons that come back in my hands - I feel responsible for leaving this world with less than I could have given it - it's a sad song that plays and is felt widespread by all, worldwide. Oh, also I've become WAY more mentally-ill than I was BEFORE I began using meth. I've been using meth HARD for about 2 years now. I don't know where I want to go, that's why I let meth make those decisions for me - takes away my role of having responsibility once it has taken over that part, for me. I'm fucked, but who isn't. We all die, and at least I know how I want to go out! Fuck fearing death! Unless someone's threatening to kill you or something :p ive always been an apathetic person in general, idgaf about this shit or that shit - but on meth i feel intensified and awesome under a magnifying glass of magic meth-y marble of manic utopian magician's marveling madness, ONLY during its duration of effects. fuck life after meth,, so 1 of 2 things will happen for u guys; either u will be someone who does it and is ALWAYS til they die AN ADDICT to it and its holiness/awesomeness/other reason and always remember how awesome it was, and how nothing else could ever top it, OR u are OTHER: a person who does not dabble in meth, and may lead yourself down one of a million other infinitely imaginative roads in life. all of them just not involving meth. That's the fine line between meth users and non-meth users. Meth users GET IT like 100000% but non-Meth users... commonly cannot even seem to begin to comprehend WHY one would be addicted to meth.... only the meth addicts understand that in complete clarity.
Anyone ever think they will synthesize a drug chemically similar to methamphetamine - but without such the intense neurological, physical, etc. damage side effects that come with meth? I hope so.. that would be kickass. killer drug with killer effects, unfortunately - on both sides of the spectrum IN EXTREMES! meeeeeth its so weird to think about sometimes - but even better to FEEL! non-meth users take this as a note; do not do this drug without knowing that you will NEVER be the same person you were again! you'll find out the hard way like i did - and then one day you'll be like me, trying to explain to your generations before you how they shouldn't make the same decisions if they don't want to end up becoming like you did ;D DAMN, wasn't this a PORN convo before I joined in?! Shit, I'm out - peace pseudo porn players! happy faps 2 all!
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ok well too dumbass retards.

that guy is right ya kno...but who cares...its ur life right?

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