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Milk makes me poop?
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Whenever i drink milk, or eat cereal(only pure milk ice cream and other dairy products do not do this) i have to go poop within 5 minutes after. do other people ahve this problem and is it normal?
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I see that this question is old, but I wanted anyone who sees this to know it's not necessarily lactose intolerance. I have the same symptoms as the person asking the question. I drink a glass a milk, and BAM! ten minutes later I am having a bowel movement. This doesn't happen when I eat cheese or have ice cream, as it would if I were lactose intolerant, and there is no pain or discomfort associated with it, other than the urgency of the sensation. My husband is lactose intolerant. His symptoms include cramping and diarrhea, sometimes all night after an episode of cheese without his beloved Lactaid.

I think for some of us the dairy milk is causing similar results as human breastmilk, which stimulates bowel functions in young babies. When my son my born, EVERY time he nursed for the first 4 months he was guaranteed to poo, usually before I even got to the second breast. My guess is a similar thing occurs in calves when nursing and some of us humans are receptive to that due to commonalities in the milk.

Lactose intolerance can be prevented by regular intake of dairy during one's life. But once your body no longer needs to produce lactase to break down the milk sugar lactose, it forgets how to start again--and you end up like my poor husband, wishing you could will it to remember.

Hope this helps someone out there!
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Yep, half a decade. It has lasted longer than all celebrity marriages combined and is closing in on the lifespans of CFL energy saving spiral lightbulbs. 50 Cent was just a new rap artist that wasn't that famous yet and computers had about 64-128MB of RAM on them. You were lucky if you had better than a 1 megapixel digital camera. The Playstation 2 just came out and Xbox was just a dream. World War III was the stuff of science fiction.

Just stay within running distance of a toilet and don't consume too much lactose. People probably think I'm bulimic because I go to the bathroom immediately after eating. I eat a lot, and purge it out my anus. The fact that I consume a 2 liter or more of soda a day might contribute to this.
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Yeah me too. I have cramps and diarrhea when I drink milk. I have lactose intolerance, and I take a pill before I drink milk now. Maybe you have the same thing and should see a doctor.
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you are lactose intolarant.take lactaid it works
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if its lactose intolerance, its a light form. its totally normal, just be thankful you dont get diarreah or the runs like these honest people that have commented before me.
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this is lactose intolerance without doubt. Its minor though because true cases are allergic to every dairy product regardless of processing. You body does not produce the enzyme needed to recognize lactic acid in your digestive tract. I suffered from the exact same thing. I tried lactaid, its okay, but what worked was dairy fasting. For About six months i avoided everything dairy and then one day everything was normal.
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Lactose intolerant . I am
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that's weird common sense would say DON"T drink milk if you're lactose intolerant, and drink water. Drinking too little water can cause constipation or diarrhea
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