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Mole on Dick
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I was wondering, is it acceptable to women to have a mole on your d***? I have a Huge one on mine and have recently started getting very self-conscious about it. It is huge and really dark and sticks out quite a bit. Would a woman find this a major turn off? be brutally honest!
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Comments (9)
yeah, take a pair of scissors and snip it off
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Honestly - it would freak me out. If you are soo concerned about it go to your doctor to see if something can be done.

Than again if you are intimate with someone you love, they wouldn't care about it.

If you are looking for a quickie - it probably wont happen unless the lights are off.
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hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm that turns me on! if a girl had a mole on thier vagina, i would lik it
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If you're serious you have some serious issues.
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get it removed but from a women dont let men touch it
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hahahaha. you have a mole on your dick. freak.
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Well... i wouldn't say it it was a turn ON... and if i am brutally honest i would be very shocked if i saw it whilst fooling around with a guy. But i wouldn't say i would be turned OFF by it. If the girl you are with cares about you, then she wont give it a second thought, and if she is bothered about it, then she aint worth being with! hope that helps!
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Go to a dermatologist and have it removed. Years back, I had a skin growth removed from my penis and it's not fun having a needle injected but glad I got it cut out. It may be considered cosmetic and not covered by medical insurance. Expect to pay out of pocket US$200 if the doctor regards it as a cosmetic procedure.
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yeah its a turn off....
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