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Mom gave me head
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I've posted a few things here before, about my friends being hot for my mom, and about them convincing me to sneak into her room and touch her and stuff.

I liked doing it. In fact, I've kept doing it even when my friends dont tell me to. Then a few nights ago she woke up. She was groggy and I dont know if she was thinking straight, but she said she liked what i was doing and i should keep going. She let me touch her all over and even got naked for me. then she unzipped my fly and took out my hard cock and started touching it and rubbing it over her tits. Then she took it in her mouth and sucked me till i came, and she aimed me so i jizzed on her tits.

I havent gone back into her room since then since i dont know if she remembers it happening. Im wondering if you guys think i should go back in and try to do it again, or maybe even get her to let me fuck her?
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please post more stories, i would give you head, im 13
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lets go baby:)you can give me head
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i say go for a fuck. Post me if it was good or not
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dont know if she remembers or not? Sleepwalking BJs? Wake up junior! that didnt happen except in your curdled little brain.
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the person who wrote this is scion_of_wisdom
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That was entertaining..

Keep posting.

Who are you? You should deffinitly visit the chat room.
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I take it you made this story up to shock people but stuff like this actually goes on, usually between a father and a daughter, is consentual and may last for years. It's very sick but then again so are many in society.
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agree with angel
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maybe youre lucky and youll get a little brother... or a son?
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