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Mom's big boobies
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Ok i really want to know if it is normal for a guy to want to see his moms boobs?my mom is pretty and all that but her most obvious thing is her boobs.they are freaking huge.ive looked in her bra drawer when everyone was gone and her bras are mostly 36DD, one is even a triple D!see what i mean?
Now i dont want to sex her or anything like that or i even have no desire to touch them.i would just like to see them.i spend hours picturing how they would look.ive tried to 'accidently' see her when she is changing clothes or showering or something like that but no luck so far.

after so much obsessing over her boobs i got to worrying that i was a any other guy wanting to see his moms boobs?is this in any way normal?
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deric: way to go, man :D
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Totally normal Dude. How long have you been feeling this way? I've been doing it for years!
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Naw dude thats pretty fuckin wierd.
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You are completely normal in my opinion! I think you shall walk straight up to her and give it to her. "MOM! I want to see your boobies and I want it now! I also want you to take your panties off and I will give you a good sexy-time!" and then you do as you told her! Good luck, have fun! I did the same thing!
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Then do it again and record it so we can see if is true that you did it so I can have confidence to do it my mom
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Dude I feel the same way about my mom I would never have sex with her but I would like to see her topless it's what all guys go through and trust me there's nothing wrong with it my mom has 44dd and one with 44ddd and she has two monsters and I would like to see them kind of on the edge of feeling them and if you can't find a way to see them I got the perfect way for you to see them take your video phone put it in her room and you can see her change tops and you can also put it in the bathroom when she is taking a bath and see her huge boobs float on the water
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Yo dude try to get a pic of your mum naked or make a vid and put it on the site we could see
and ask her mum am realy do have sex see what she does I HOPE SHE DOES WHAT YOU SAY!!!!!
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This is normal. If you have a great set of tits bouncing around the house they trigger male hormones. You know you you are not looking for sex, just a peek. So take a look when you get the chance. It will not hurt anyone.
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You just have a fetish about your moms boobs. I hope in time it will pass. There is plenty of boobs on the internet that are probly way better.
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stop obsessing over her tits and yes, you are a freak.
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hahahaha roflmao... i sucked ur mothers boobs..
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dude there are plenty of other girls outr there with big its and you pick your mom????? find someone your own age to fetish over possibly someone u can actually get with
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