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So I've been having this problem where my stuff keeps moving all on it's own. For instance, there was this time that I was making dinner. I had just been looking for a pot in my cabinet, and I couldn't find it there so I shut the door and turned around. I looked briefly in another cabinet on the other side of the kitchen. Again, I could find the pot, so I turned back toward the direction of the first cabinet I looked in. To my complete and utter shock, EVERY LAST PIECE OF MY COOKWEAR IN THAT CABINET WAS ON THE FLOOR IN A PERFECT CIRCLE. I kid you not, every last piece. I had heard nothing, and I was at home completely alone (I don't have any pets either). The maximum time that I turned away from the cabinet was probably 45 seconds to 1 minutes. This has happened several times in the past couple of days, and my stuff has also gone missing or has moved rooms. Each time this has happened I was home alone, and I am the only person who has a key to my house. Is this normal? Can anyone explain what this could be to me?
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set up a camera system in your home. record everything, and when you notice something like this look at the recording to find your multiple personality ass moving things. there is no such thing as paranormal activity or demons or any of that shit. have you ever noticed how bullshit the tv shows are?
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One possibility is that you have multiple personalities... The real kind where one doesn't know the other exist so it isn't aware when the other moved something previously etc
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Put cameras on to see what's going on, i think you might have some demon problems, and if you do... Start praying and end it " In the name of Jesus, amen"
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You're cookwear is trying to kill you, ask it nicely and it might stop.
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