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My anus itches all the time.
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No matter how well I wipe and even if I use wet-ones instead of toilet paper I always seem to have an itchy a**hole. I KNOIW it is not normal but does anyone else have this condition? What helps?

And, since I know it is coming, I am not gay and dont have anal sex!!
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Comments (10)
Maybe you have a tapeworm. Do you eat a lot and not gain weight?
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Hemorrhoids? Sounds like it. And it happens. Minorly bulging veins emerged from out of your sphincter creates the mighty fierce impulse to scratch the brown eye incessant. Look into it. It's no fun, and you may be about to embark into a world of asscheek-chapping itch-creams and suppositories. But while that prospect sucks, it's usually only temporary. So the sooner you start to fix it, the sooner it'll be passed you. Good luck.

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Go see your doctor because there are MANY different things it could be and some of them are not very good, but treatable.
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Good luck man, it's a real nuisance I know. Resist the urge!
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Very possible you could have pin worms, look it up!
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You might have a parasite.
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Remind me not to share a bucket of popcorn with you.
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Hemorrhoid, worms, anal fissure... maybe get an examination.
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I'd say its tapeworms.
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Haemorrhoids or parasites. See a doctor.
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