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My big toes always crack
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My big toes always crack is this a sign of artharitas every time i move them up and down btw im am 16 years of age ... ps sorry about the miss spelling im in a rush comments will be helpfull thank's
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Comments (4)
I't not a sign of arthritis but constantly cracking joints can lead to joint deterioration & pain in later life.

Joints contain a small amount of air. Cracking a joint releases that air hence the 'pop' but until the air has returned you can't crack the joint again.

Repeatedly cracking a joint will over time increase the amount of air the joint takes in and you'll feel the urge to crack the joint to release the air and so on.

If you stop cracking the joint it will feel uncomfortable for a while but if you can resist the urge it'll return to normal. It takes a few months though.

It's very common for big toes to need cracking though as the joint takes on air while you're walking and becomes displaced; particularly if you're young and still growing.
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If there is no pain it is likely nothing to be concerned about. The next time you visit your doctor ask about this, but it sounds like nothing to me.
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all my toes, except my big toe, cracks easily. don't be alarmed, don't go to the doctor he will laugh at you, I'm serious. Arthritis is when your joints hurt and ache, and I'm sure your's do not.
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@: bmx045
Nothing to worry about, it's just cartilage being moved out of position and back in again (Thats the cracking noise you hear, its the bone slipping back into the cartilage)
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