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My boyfriend bites my nipples hard
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Everytime we mess around/sex my boyfriend sucks on my nipples and he bites them as if hes going to bite them off sometimes they bleed just a little,and if i push his head away he doesnt let go he bites harder,,i liked it at first once in awhile if it wasnt too hard but just a little hard,but now he bites and doesnt let go eve n if i tell him it hurts.does he feel control over me?what is it,.so y does he do this and is it normal ??
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It doesn't matter why.
What matters is that he doesn't stop when you tell him to.

BDSM in relationships is fine - but ONLY when you are with a partner you can TRUST. If your partner refuses to acknowledge when you've had enough... what good is he then?
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why do u think he does this? to have control over me or what?at first he started to do it because it turned me on but now hes gone kinda crazy with it i tell em it hurts and he doesnt stop,,,i do like it but not at the extent hes doing it at,,he loves breasts n nipples he even told me hes obsessed with mine,,i dont know im so confused?
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we have normal casual sex,,im into bdsm but he thinks its weird and doesnt condone it so we just do the same routine over again but i told him one day as he was sitting there sucking on my nipples forever,,he says he loves my breasts,he started biting thwem and i noticed i liked it and i told em to bite em a little harder now he bites them so hard and he pulls on em while hes doing it i tell em to stop but hell let lose for a sec then hell keep biting them,,do u think its a control issue?
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What I think is that you need to enter into VERY daring waters with him and experiment in communication.

Let him know that he has to respect your limits. If he choses not to ... then you have to decide if you really want to be with a man who ignores you when you tell him to stop hurting you.
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If he doesnt stop biting ur nipples then u can start biting his nipples or his glans so that he experiences the pain u r experiencing and will stop doing so and u can have a pleasurable sex
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I'd punch him in the head.
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You tell him that you think the biting has gone too far and he needs to respect that. He really should let go.
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Bite his nipples off and see how he likes it.
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I Was with my boyfriend yesterday n he bit me hard at first i thought he wanted to hear me moan but now he's doing if all the time n when I told him it hurts he bites a little longer then go to the other one n bites it then comes back n bit me again n yesterday I just had to bite him on his to let him know how it feels. I have big breasts n mine loves it
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