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My boyfriend can only cum once a day
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I am a 16 year old girl in a relationship with a 17 year old male and after I fellate him and he finishes, he is basically done for the night. No sex, no more head, nothing! His explanation is "he just can't" and his dick is tired. I like to get off as much as he does(even more apparently) and his inablitiy to keep it up hurts me, like I'm doing something wrong. I've talked to my coupled friends and they say 5-6 times a day is average for them (they are around the same age as us). Is this the product of a low sperm count? What gives?
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wow lol poor you

hes just lazy, being spent never stoped me before, you can allways ask him to do oral on you
(no tired excuse there notice) so he can catch his "second wind"

peace Jah bless
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hold a knife to his dick?

that could work
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I think you should find a new BF
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Pff, the only guy that gets off less than your boyfriend would have to be Jojo. (That's right. Jojo.)
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if it is the first time he is having sex..that depends...or may be he have some problems...just sit and talk to need to gossip with your female friends...this will weaken your relationship..try to get books or internet site on how people spent their sexy to listen to him first...take care..
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Depends on the dude... some have more hormones released after they cum. Perhaps you are just that good too... ;-)

if need someone who is more responsive simply haev to write.... ;-) love to help give you feed back privately i do not think this is uncommon. write if you think it will help
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yeah a 17 year old guy who can only go once a day definitely has something wrong.physical or mental or emotional something is wrong.

at 17 most guys can go several times a day especially if a female is involved.
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Ahem...kindly shut the fuck up.
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Its probaly a medical issue if not..... u better find someone else.
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