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My boyfriend had a dream about his exgirlfriend
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Most mornings, when my boyfriend and i wake up we will tell each other about our dream if it was unusually weird or scary. The other morning, my boyfriend told me that his ex girlfriend was in his dream. This actually surprised me at first because she was in my dream too that night! That is not the reason i am posting this though. I want to know that if she was in his dream, does that mean he misses her or wants to be with her or something of that sort? I mean, i dream of people from my past, but i know that it didn't really mean much. The only thing is, i get really jealous easily and i can't help but to think that his dream meant that he wants her or something?
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That does not mean anything. I dream about everyone that I could easily say, "hey, i know who your talking about" when they said their name. Dreams usually dont have connections do your feelings and are random. I sometimes have dreams about my exgirlfriends...but my last one was that she got murdered by fire ants...o.0 but still. It does not mean he misses her, because if that was true, he would not have told you. I dont really see the is it normal part of this, but yes its normal?
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Nope does not mean that at all. Don't even think of it
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There is no way you can control what you dream about. I suggest if you get jelous over a dream that probably means nothing at all then Id work on that it is a far bigger problem than his dream
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I dream about exes all the time, and I don 't feel anything for them. Completely normal.
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It doesn't mean anything. Dudes are like that.

Believe me, if you're taking this that seriously, you'd hit the ceiling if you knew all the chicks he thinks about all the time. Ex girlfriends, chicks he went to kindergarten with, female teachers/professors, Angelina Jolie, the chick who works at the corner gas station, a chick he walked past in the mall last Tuesday, your mom...

Dudes are just like that.
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Normal and nothing to worry about.
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All I can say is that sucks
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Dreams and real life is like opposite
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U shouldnt be worried one bit girly
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dont worry about that. you should accually be proud that you guys are connected, because you guys dreamt about the same person on the same night
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