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Okay so i have been dating my boyfriend for almost 1/2 a year now, and i really love him!!! i lost my virginity to him last weekend but now ALL AND I MEAN ALL he talks about is sex ! everyday he wants me to do cyber sex w/ me and asks me when the next time i will be alone is. hould i give him constint sex--thats what he wants! or dump him for good!! please help me!
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tell him he is 2 pushy and that he has 2 back off
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dump him dump him!!!
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once you give it... you can never take it back.... remember that...
its like a stray cat... if you feed it the only way to get rid of it is to shoot it....

if you are 'in love' as you say... then you have open communication, therefore can talk to him about it, if he is 'in love' as well, he will respect your wishes, if he doesnt...... break up with him,
NEVER SLEEP WITH HIM AGAIN AFTER A BREAKUP... it will tell him that no means yes, and girls that file rape when it was their fault ARE NOT CUTE.
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totally agreed!
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Push back, seriously just make clear to him that want your looking for is more then a lay, if hes got half a brain hel most likely stop pushing.

Peace jah bless
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The dudes horny if you dont want to give it to him then dont problem solved.
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is this the guy with "baby dick"? how ironic
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You've blown his mind. Sex with you has short circuited his brain. I suppose if your both young he just wants more and cat stop thinking about it. A shot sharp reminder that you did it with him because he is special and that the next time will be even more special BUT sex is a private thing you have together and is not for the PC. Yet, nothing wrong with cyber sex of phone sex but it's a bit soon for you if he starts asking for pictures to look at when your apart dump him. You'll end up on Facebook xx
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kick him in the nuts and show him my profile picture...then tell him you're all tired out because you've been riding my massive schlong all week..that should keep him at bay.
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IF the guy really cares about you he doesn't want to make u do anything you don't want to do. Tell him that you don't want to have sex all the time but at least leave the option there for rainy days. Once you go all the way you can't expect him to go cold turkey. But you can set limits and if he truely loves you he will respect u.
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@: mjolnir
Very true. Does he love you for the sex or love you for being you? You may need to keep a small bottle of lube in your purse to give him a hand job on unusual occasions when he is in the mood and you're not.

But, probably you should start looking for a new boyfriend.
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