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My boyfriend use to want to fuck his mom
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Whithin the 2nd month we started dating we talked about our fantasys and what not, he likes incest. He told me he's always wanted to fuck his mom. He has a foot fetish and his mom has beautiful feet, she's always showing them off like she knows he does (his dad did too). I started to think his mom is pretty sexy and we use to role play and i'd be her. Then i started to get insanely jealous and i talked to him about it, i asked him to not think about her anymore, he said, "i won't, i've started to think she's ugly now since i've got you and i've got real beauty instead of having to beat off to an old, loud, stupid bitch." i was happy. The next morning i asked him, "did you think about your mom last night?" he said no. Then later that night i asked him if he's ever kept anything from me.. he told me he beat off to his mom this morning. I was so mad i felt like i couldn't trust him and that we weren't as close as i thought we were. Then i got over it and blahblahblah. Me and his mom smoke bud together sometimes, she always gets horny too...she always goes and rubs my boyfriend and once she gave him a shotgun.... where she put the roach in her mouth and he had to put his lips to hers to get some smoke. she always asks him to rub her feet, and he gets noticably hard.His mom use to like me until he stopped giving her massages and kissing her. WTF do i do?
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Really? You need to ask random anonymous people if that us normal?
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@: amili
You know the scariest thing? I'm no longer convinced stories like this are faked.
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I actually know this guy, he posted a story about how his mom accepts and enjoys his foot fetish a few weeks/months(?) ago. I see he still hasn't gotten help.
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my boyfriend doesn't have a computer lol and no, this is a true story... and i'm still around cause i also have incest fantasys, shit yourself all you want i'm just glad i have someone i can relate to (:
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My girlfriend used to want to fuck her dad, and finally DID! He became my foster dad and he fucked me too, which I don't think she liked too much. She was jealous and wanted his peter pretty much all to herself. She did not mind having a threesome with me, as long as I just sucked him and her, and he and her me. But she did not want us (me and him) to actually fuck. :( Bummer! Kinda ruined a good friendship. I let her fuck my twin brother. Cannot understand why the bitch had to be so selfish. After all, we was foster sisters! Oh, well. Have not heard from them in years.
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@: Janie2T
I love your comments
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What should u do? I'd run a fucking mile! Why on earth did you stick around in the first place????
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it depends on how sexual you want to become, if you play along with their games, you'll have the best orgasms of your life, but you have to feel, i know i would.
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Fuck them both...
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