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My boyfriend's brother has a crush on me.
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So recentley i just got another boyfriend,this time from church.A couple days back,he invited me to his house to meet his family.He has an older sister who is 17(We do not get along well) and a brother who is just a year younger than him.We ate dinner and talked about school and all that,then my boyfriend led me to his room and told me to stay there while he went to the shower to "Get ready" whatever that meant.I waited 5 minutes and went into the kitchen.I went to the fridge to look for some juice.I bent over all the way,and my boyfriends brother put his hand on my butt and started making some inappropriate comments.I had a short skirt and no panties on,so it felt weird.I got up,ran outside,and called my dad to come pick me up.I didnt tell my dad what happened,and when i told my boyfriend he told me his brother was just curious.I became angry and didnt talk to him since that day.2 days later,and i dont know whether to forgive him or not.
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I'd stay mad. He didn't even bother to talk to his brother about it and he dismissed your feelings.
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You went there ready, Didn't you. No panties, LOL
I'm surprised you minded getting your ass played with.
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Why can't you say that if it's the truth? If he didn't care that you were upset by his brother touching you inappropriately, he's not worth bothering about, so it's good you found that out now rather than later
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Nope, stay pissed. DO NOT FORGIVE, THEY WILL THINK ITS OK TO DO IT AFTER THAT. Go find a guy that will respect you and not be trying to pimp you out for his brothers "feel".
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You mentioned you were bent over with no panties on under your skirt.Just imagine what was going through his mind when he saw what he saw
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Stupid prick teasing slut you asked for it.
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Panties or no panties no man has the right to touch you with concent blood right I would be angry stay away from him and his family
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I'm sure he did. It makes for a easy fucking standing or laying down or on your cock sucking knees.
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