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My brother touches me and practically rapes me in my sleep
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When I was in sixth grade my brother began to sneak into my room and touch me everynight to the point where I could barely sleep. He then slowled down with it and tried to kill himself. And after started to do it more every night twice I would fall asleep and wake up to him with his hands on me or hands inside of me. But I was paralyzed and couldn't move or say anything. He did this for five years I am now a senior in high school and he came to me and confessed. But now I can't go on with my own Life I never told my boyfriend of four years and I can't tell him or anyone else it eats at me day after day to the point where I can barely function. Should I tell or not??
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You should tell someone, get help, do something. Don't sit there and take it.
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What he did was wrong and you should speak up about it. You've suffered in silence for too long, tell a trusted adult or someone else who can help you. I'm sorry you went through such a thing. :(
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It's normal for you to feel like you do..not being able to function etc. please find someone who can help you.
good luck
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yes tell someone. it will help u and will open all the right doors to your recovery.
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I had a similar compulsion to my sister. she was unaware of what I was doing for so long, it seemed that way to me anyways. The best thing she did was confront me, involve an impartial adult, who understand how i was hurting, and why i was doing this. i got help and realized i was hiding from and coping with problems in a detrimental way, and without help, i would have continued down a terrible path. seek help, if you're brother is abusive, seek help to justify yourself the safety and comfort you deserve. if your silence is because you love him and youre worried of the consequences for both of you, than it is important that you confront him. allow him to feel his guilt, and start coping with his problems. its what is best for both of you.
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tell someone, itll get it off your chst
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you shud tell soum oun.
my freind went threw this and toled me and i helped tell her perents.
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This behavior exhibited by your brother is not normal i would advise seeking help for him before you can put things right with yourself, but you should definitely start by telling someone
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It depends. It may be normal for him to put his hand between your legs - he's only experimenting. but he shouldnt rape you or try to have sex
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It may be normal . Please, where at?
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