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My butt bleeds when I poo
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Well, sometimes when I poop it's kind of hard to push out and a really big piece of crap. It can hurt pretty bad. Sometimes when I wipe theres blood on the toilet paper, and no its not my period. Not an alarming amount of blood, but its kind of nasty. Theres probably a scab on my butt hole :(
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Comments (7)
Probably just an anal fissure (small tear) from your bowel movement.
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Probably an anal fissure, but it could also be hemorrhoids. And it sounds like you're constipated. Drink more fluids to stay hydrated and make sure you are eating enough fiber.
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Also don't ever push hard. That causes problems. Even if it takes a long time don't push.
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You need more fibre. Lots more fibre.
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Don't be afraid to discuss a colonoscopy with your doctor. Better safe than sorry!
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Eat more prunes, apples, split pea soup, apple juice, apple sauce. I have the exact same problem. It sucks. Eat lots of fiber
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I get this and I don't even have a vagina. My doctor says it's due to the chemo.
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