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My cat has a foot fetish
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I have the sweetest, polydactyl totrie and she she has the biggest foot fetish. She licks my shoes, she rubs herself all over my feet and licks my toes. She licks my kids toes. I love her so much and I don't want her to lick my feet or the dirt on my shoe. Its hard to stop her though because she starts purring and looks so happy to do.
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my tortie also rubs herself in everyones shoes! she slides in them too, in my flats she puts all of her weight in her front paws and just... slides
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My nieghbours cat does the same to me. it must be a smell they pick up on I think
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Our cat does the same thing. She naps on our sandles, sniffs our shoes, sniffs our friends shoes, rubs all over our feet.
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For cat in a human household it must be like living in a world of feet!
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Its doing that to rub it's scent on you and your footwear. Means she is marking you and your stuff as hers.
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are you rubbin catnip on your shoes? ;)
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My dachsund does that... I wonder if I bought a cat and got ripped off.... :)
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I have a 19 year old torti. She is nearly blind, has maybe 2 teeth, and is on thyroid medication. I baby her. She gave me such joy when she was younger. Doing what you described about your cat. Now I just try to make her comfortable. Bless our kitties!
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My cat likes to lick my feet too... it really tickles!
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My late tortie had a foot fetish. She greatly preferred feet to hands and if you wanted a better response from her you'd better have rub her with your feet. As I read the comments on here, I am beginning to think that this may be a trait among torties.
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