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My cat's tail fell off
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My cats tail had been looking off colour and had been slightly bent on an angle for a while, we had her checked for eczema or parasites but the results didnt show any of either. Then a couple of days ago, she was biting at her tail when the tip off it - about a fifth of it - came off. There was no blood and the wound had already scabbed over as though the tip had already died and just snapped off.

I dunno what the hell's going on. Perhaps she got bitten on the tail by a spider or snake or something? What do you think?
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Comments (23)
Eat the tail
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I haven't the faintest what's happening with your cat but I suggest getting her to the vet without hesitation.

It sounds as if the tip was rotten or something, almost like it was dead. One suggestion I can think of is an infection that's set in really deep but please get your kitty checked.

I hope she's/she'll be okay. :)
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What's fluffy doing, CRACK!!! Omg!
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ZOMBIE CAT!!! GET TO THE CHURCH!!... Wait... Wrong movie...
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Cat tail are good for the bones lol I suggest you put it in a pan and boil it then take it out add some seasoning and enjoy it as a quick snack!!! Yummmmmm!
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Zombie cat 0_0
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Stop wasting time on this website and get your cat to a vet! If your hand randomly fell off you wouldn't be hesistating about getting to a hospital!
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Idk what is going on but all I know is that you need to take your fucking cat to the vet. You shouldve taken your cat to the vet when you noticed the discoloration on her tail.... God what has the world come to??? Jesus Christ
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he said he did take it to the vet when he noticed the discoloration
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thats odd go to a vet, no if it was a snake the venom would go every were and i doupt it was a spider, something might have been bound around it like a rubber band or something ,it would eventually cut the tail off(people used to do it to dogs for some reason) that or ur cat is sick
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It could of been a spider, some spiders have a flesh eating venom which causes the flesh to die, rot and fall off. So yeah, get your kitty to the vet straight away please :-)
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go to the VET and ask him whats wrong with ur cat!
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"I don't want to be Buried
In a Pet cemetery!"
Dawn of the Cats?
Silent Cats?
WTF?! This is certainly a Catastrophe!
Take her to the vet immediately! Get some chopsticks and Use them to put the "zombie stump" in a tightly sealed plastic baggie!
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I've experienced that. my cats tail had been hairless and scanned for idk how long! He was sitting in my lap and all of a sudden he just freaked out and ran out of the room. After I got up his tail was laying right there on the couch.... So he had a bobtail for the rest of his life. Don't worry, nothing deadly! :))
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TAKE HER TO A FUCKING VET! Sheesh some people should have to have a test before looking after animals. You have to in order to adopt a human kid!
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the title made me laugh x)
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nigga go take dat ratchet nasty ass cat to da vet yo
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did u try superglue??, thats what its designed for (not cats specifically, but sticking things back on)
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This reminds me of the time my brother closed the sliding door on my cats tail accidently.
He came up to my mum yelling "The cats broken"
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ya go quickly!!!
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get her to the vet this could be serious she could also be contagious !
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Of course that's normal! *reads title* oh god your cat probably needs some incineration treatment. Sorry.
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