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My coworker identified me by the smell of my stool...
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I was taking a shit in the stall and a coworker said, "hey michael"... No one saw me go in and I didnt cough or anything. There was no way to identify me by anything other than the smell. And there are a lot of people on my floor. Is it normal or extremely weird that he would say something?
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Deduction my dear Watson!

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!
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Maybe they saw your shoes from underneath the stall?
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He's gonna kill you. He also probably has a box full of stuff you left laying around.
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When you get to be poop bros on a level like this where you can crap and be comfortable enough to talk to one another, that's a special bond. You don't take that lightly and you don't hurt a poop bro.
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