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My Daddy Touches Me
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Is it normal for my Dad to touch me? It was late at night, and he came into my room. I acted like I was asleep, and he unzipped my pants and started giving me a hand job. Then he started sucking my penis really hard and I got a huge boner, and started cumming in his mouth. He never knew I was awake, but now he does thing frequently. Last time he did it which was last night, he came in naked, and woke me up. We had anal sex and he cummed all in my ass. Then i cummed in his ass, it felt so fucking good that well, I don't know if I can stop. Please leave some suggestions.
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Comments (17)
this is a fake story sorry
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Also, I came.
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That's hot
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Sounds fake but I apologize if it isn't.

What your "father" is doing is wrong, illegal and is child abuse.

You need to tell someone, another adult that you trust or go to the police and tell them what your father does.

I know it's not as simple as that but you cannot allow this to continue, he is abusing you.
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find another guy
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Don't listen to those comments, if this is true, tell your mother, a teacher or call a child helpline, or even the police!
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Not normal
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my dad did this to me when i was younger he always thought i was asleep but i was awake and loved it every time i came in his mouth
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Wrong. Your father is supposed to take care of you.
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Dude it's only not normal if you make it so. I think it's hot and am jealous.
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r u fuckin serious faggot
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Well if this is real, obviously not normal. Get a gf/bf..!
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Okay this is not normal. He is using you to fufill his sexual needs..wr
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this dosnt even sound reall. :/ but incase its not. then this really isnt normal. and its against your rights. and you have to do something about it, even if you do enjoy it.
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That's not normal that's sexual abuse and ushould tell an adult that u trust thatur dad is raping you even if u " enjoy" it
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That hot and wrong on so many levels but I like it
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