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My dog likes too lick my C*LT,is it normal? Can you get sick from it?
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Can you get sick from you're dog licking you're C*LT* ? it just feels good, I 've read everywhere that it feels good, but its illegal in some places, and such, But I don't know if you can get sick from it, is it normal?, Safe? I dident let him screw me. just taste me,

and yes, I know its sick, but he kinda started it.
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Comments (11)
if it feel good do it and its perfectly safe
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I love it. My german shepard always bites my clit and one time made me bleed!
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It's normal and perfectly safe. You should let him lick you as often as you want.
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Is it safe. I wonder? Because dogs do pick up nasty little things! Such as CAT POOP!!!
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Too late, you're already sick
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i wish i had a women like you...not to many people are open minded about that stuff...not only i would date u but also your dog too
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Can i eat your pussy after your dog????
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You can't get any diseases from a dog. I love it too. Its nice hearing about so many people that are into it. HAVE FUN! xoxo
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Norma! I love my big dog licking my p***y and my husband loves to watch.
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I guess if that's what you like it's whatever, but I wouldn't let something that uses its tongue to wipe its ass lick *my* privates.
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You didn't read that everywhere. You read that on this site and beastiality sites. You are sick and need help. The devil is a lie and is all over this website. You should be ashamed. Poor dog.
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