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My eyelashes are hurting my eyes...
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For ages, my eyelashes have been curling towards the corners of my eyes. Often it gets to the point where I have to remove an eyelash from the surface of my eye-ball. But whether they're stuck to my eye-ball or just curling towards the corners of my eyes, it really hurts and makes my eyes water a lot and turn red. I don't even know whether this is a job for a doctor or an optician (I'm short-sighted with glasses, if that matters). I've mentioned this to my mum, but she doesn't know what to do either. Has anyone ever had this problem before and is there anything I can do about it that won't risk hurting my eyes even more? It's driving me crazy...
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well me too. i have eyelashes growing inwards, causing eyes to itch and sting. i went to see an optometrist and she suggest that i pluck the few strands. at first it hurt real bad. now, i'm pretty much used to it and the problem seems to go away...
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Sometimes I get lashes that curl under and poke me in the eye. It really hurts!
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Maybe use an eyelash curler to curl 'en the opposite direction??
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Eyelash curlers aren't going to do any good. Plucking is not an option, either. I've just discovered that not only are the outer lashes growing the wrong way, I also have lashes growing from INSIDE the eye, embedded right in the pink/red areas. For all I know, I might need laser surgery to fix it...
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That sounds so awful, see a doctor they will be able to tell you about seeing a specialist that you probably really need
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my friend gets her doctor to safely remove those painful ingrown eyelashes. I am sorry for your pain. I had it once and cried allot
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I think you put on any products? Is there a chance it could be from a facial cleanser, or lotion? It might be an eye infection. If you touched something with germs on it and then rubbed your eye (without washing, or not washing thoroughly) it could've caused an infection....Know more here:
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For years, I thought that I was the only one with this situation. Good to know I am not! But for a long time, my lower eye lashes were slowly bothering me by entering and moving around with my eyeball. One day, I got sick and tired of this and took out the tweezers. It hurt a lot when I first plucked out about 10 or more lower eyelash hairs but it brought relief. Now, when I pluck the hair out, it doesn't hurt no more. Whenever my right eye get irritated, I just pluck the hair out and my eye doesn't bother me anymore with tears, itchy, and redness. Hope that helps.
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