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My Fanny Lips!
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My fanny lips hang really low! im embarrased to have sex because i have to move them out of the way to let the guy enter me. They hang about 4cm down and are extremely hairy! i dont know whether to shave them or not. Also they give off a terrible smell that u can smell even when i have my trousers on. Im constantly carrying body spray with me, i should see a doctor but im too embarrased! Any ideas on what to do?
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Comments (6)
cruelintentions (10923) i dont know why you have to be nasty..? but yes i have the same proplem but my flaps arn't smelly and not hairy but everytime i have sex i have to move them out the way and its like for f**K sake..
but hey its life you move on and theres nothing to worry about (: xx
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I think that you will find that your rather large lips will actually turn alot of blokes on. The smell is normal so dont worry but if it ever gets overpowering just wax/shave your pubes and wash sensibly EG water and a PH balanced cream. Apart from that any bloke will love you for who you are and not how your lips look.
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Wtf are "fanny" lips?
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The word 'fanny' in England is a vagina / pussy. She means her pussy lips.
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I really hope someone posted this as a joke cause thats actually gross, they are not supposed to be hairy, the smell i guess is normal but mine dont smell and they definitly dont hang down 4 cm and i have sex just fine,
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thats nasty see a doctor shave take a showers
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