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My fiance masturbates next to me in bed while thinking I'm sleeping..
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My fiance and I both watch porn. Majority of the time we watch it together. Recently he has started masturbating in bed while I'm sleeping right next to him. Well he thinks I'm sleeping. He does this everynight without fail. He will usually touch me somewhere while he's masturbating. I didn't have a problem with this. But now when he comes to bed he brings his ipod and watches porn and masturbates all while laying next to me. He's very quiet not to wake me up but I still can tell when he's doing this. This absolutely breaks my heart to know that he is masturbating while watching another woman. It has brought me to tears. Is this normal for a man to watch porn and masturbate while next to his woman? And let me add we have a great sex life so it this whole masturbating thing just came out of nowhere. Is this normal or am I overreacting?
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Sorry dear, I'm afraid several men do this. And it has NOTHING to do with you, we just need that release, i say don't worry.
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Honestly I masturbate even when I have sec earlier the same day. It's two totally separate things, but I prefer sex. It's probably not about you. Tip #1 of relationships: communication. If it bothers you TELL HIM. Ask him why he does it. Maybe it turns him on even more to masturbate next to you.
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If you feel this way tell him also yes the top too comments are correct its not about you . He just feels like toaching himself guys still toach themselves regardless it is normal . Maybe he just likes Mastrubating alot of poeple do it just for fun .
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