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My friend pees around here home.IIN?
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So, to cut to the chase, one of my best friends that I've known since forever has a thing with peeing. Now I was raised with being open minded, and even though her house did stink a bit, I loved hanging out with her and her family and would never judge them. But I never peed where she did. I always went to the toilet lol. Note that it's not really a fetish, she just pees wherever she is in a non sexual way.

Anyway, a while ago, I started dating this guy who DID have a pee fetish, but he was so sweet that I looked passed his weird obession. But he is so good to me that I felt bad, and I went to my friend, Brittany, for peeing advice.

We were at her three story house, with her mother and sister, who pee everywhere too. Brittany and I were in her room, drinking so many liquids. It brought back memories of little kid/teenage years, where she'd just pee on her floor and I'd brush it off.

ANYWAY this story seems like it's taking forever lol. So eventually, I finally got the urge to pee. She wanted me to pee on her leg, but I told her that I should start smaller first before actually peeing on someone lol.

So she said, "sit down and pee on the carpet." Easy enough, I smirked, taking off my skirt and panties, and plopping myself down on the soft carpet. I figure it'd be more comfortable than a toilet seat, but I was WRONG. I had to pee really bad, but I could not just go. Brittany was disappointed in me, and I shamely went to get up to go to the toilet, but she stopped me and held me down gently.
I squeezed two drops out, and the pink carpet grew dark. I blushed. This was my first time ever peeing on the floor. Actually, anywhere that's not a toilet. And it was in front of my friend, too. Brittany urged me to go on, but I really coulnd't. She even peed herself a little. She made it look so easy, but it was hard.
I frowned, and got up again to go to the bathroom. Brit was all "where are you going missy?" and led me to her chair. She told me to just pee onto the carpet from her chair. I rolled my eyes. I was getting pretty grossed out myself, but whatever. It was worth it for my boyfriend. So, I sat down and scootched my vag to the front, and sure enough, i was PEEING!!
Brit gasped, and started laughing at me. She's been trying to get me to pee for ages, and she was a bit upset that a boy influenced me to do so. She called out to her sister, who came up and litterly clapped for me. I was too shy though so I stopped mid stream, but it was still a lot on the darkening carpet.
I stood up and they both hugged me. I told them that I know see the peeing hype, that was rushing!! It felt really good, just sitting on a chair and letting it go all over the floor. Wow!
It was such a great day, and now Brit teaches me places to pee around her house. I want to get better before I show my boyfriend. I don't pee anywhere in my house, because Im too lazy to clean haha.
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Sit on his face so he can tongue fuck your bald cunt and deep rim your poop chute until you cum , piss , fart , shit on his face , chest , belly , cock and smear it all over his belly with your ass cheeks.
Guy's love to receive golden showers.
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Haha as gross as this guy's comment is, it is totally right!
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I started pissing myself when I read this post!
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Where is the story nowadays? What happened?
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