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My friend screwing a dog!!!
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I was with my friend yesterday and she said that she fcked her dog! You can do that? She said it felt good!!!
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i agree with every body but that di*k there i love dogs to and nothing is wrong with haveing sex with dogs.
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Your probably the dog cunty.
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thats disgusting omg
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a dog will get you off more than a man will.. ask her if you can try since the dog already knows what to do o.O humans are animals too.. nothing wrong with having fun with other species and you cant get pregnant! :)
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Why do you want to know if you can do that?
You want to try?
Sick people.
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Dogs have longer tongues, hotter, fatter cocks and they cum more than guys and for longer They love to lick and they love to fuck - you should ask your friend if you can watch and then maybe give it a try yourself :)
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If you're curious, have her show you and then decide if you'd like to try it. Have fun! :)
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