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My friends big bush
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Im 17 and my best friend,Sherri, is 18 and we do lots of stuff together.summertime is coming and we'll be going to the lake alot swimming and stuff and im already kinda dreadin it.i like Sherri a whole lot dont get me wrong but one thing about her embarrasses me to death.she is dark haired and she has the most outrageous thick bush that ive ever seen on another girl.i keep mine trimmed especially during bikini season but sherri refuses to even slightly trim hers.last summer she wore a 2 piece when she usualy had been wearing a one piece.well there was hair shooting out all over the place and i asked her when she was going to trim up and she said she wasnt.now there wasnt just some hair there was dark pubes coming out the top in a little trail up to her bellybutton and then down each thigh was a more of her bush.she says she refuses to change her body and have an itchy bush just to fit into societys ideal of what normal is.anyway we went to the lake and she got lots of stares and fingerpointing and she acted like it didnt bother he at all.i was ready to go hide in the car.

she does have like the biggest bush ever and it would take lots of trimming to fit it inside a bikini but i think she should at least try to trim it up.she is built really well with some big boobs but no one notices anything but her bush.sherri is part italian and part jewish and she says those woman all have big thick bushes.she says it it who she is whatever that means.

she says its normal not to trim a bush but i dont see anybody else with pubes all over the place.while she does have a huge bush i cant believe she is the only one with one big but she is the only one ive seen in public.should i just refuse to go with her to the water unless she trims ? i really hate being embarrassed.

anyone think it normal to have your bush all outside your bikini?
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COMPLETELY normal and sexy if I may say so. I am trying to convince my girlfriend to let hers grow a little more "bushy" and longer. Real men love real women and real women have hair.
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She's right. Society has conditioned people to think that trimmed or even shaven pussy is the norm. Girls are supposed to be hairless, and boys are supposed to be somewhat hairy (though boys shave their balls for some reason 0_o) She should just be allowed to be who she is.

Besides, it probsably makes you appear more attractive.

Honestly though, are you a lesbian? i would be freaked if my best friend had such a fascination with my pubes.
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i supposed she is concerned about her friends pubes because she says they go to the lake a lot and stuff and they are hanging out.in other words she is embarrassed to be around her friend because of the pubes,that doesnt make her lezzie.
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No, no, no.

Homos shave their balls.
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Italians in general seem to be more hairy. I know a girl at school who is Italian and she doesn't shave down there either so perhaps it has to do with something in that culture that hairy women are more attractive to Mediterranean guys.

But be careful not to generalize. There are fair haired women of northern European decent who can be pretty hairy. True story: I went with my girlfriend to work out at a fitness gym and there was this alabaster skinned redheaded woman who had the longest and shaggiest bush I've ever seen! Like this thing could have been used as a wig. When she put on her workout outfit she sort of gathered and stuffed it all in but there is no way she could ever wear a bikini without that hair exploding out on all sides.

Who knows- maybe their guys go wild over it?
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This gal sounds beautiful! Natural and wholesome, comely, dark-I'd love to be her date.

Leave her alone and loosen up!
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@: eisat
eisat, I agree with you, I met a girl who became my wife, the first time I saw her in a bathing costume, I noticed that quite a lot of hair was showing just at the top of her legs, before I had met my girlfriend, I had only noticed a few girls and women showing pubic hair while wearing a bikini or bathing costume. When I did see that I thought it was very sexy indeed, so seeing the hairs seeping out from my girl friends bathing costume, I thought, wow, she must have a natural not shaved bush. I did not mention this to her, perhaps thinking that she would trim some of her hairs.

The next day she went shopping and bought, she told me a very revealing bikini, wow I thought, if she does not shave, I should see even more hair that the day before, when she was in her bathing costume. Once she was in her new bikini, she looked gorgeous, but her mother told her to go cut all the hair that was showing at the top of her leg and above her bikini line. An argument followed between my girl friend and her mother, my girl friend would not even trim or cut 1 hair off herself, not for her mother or anybody.

She asked me what I thought,I told her not to shave or cut anything, I of course took her side in the argument between her and her mother, she eventually married me, and still has not shaved or cut 1 hair from her body, she is not Italian, she is British, so there are some non-continentals who do not shave.
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leave her be! if shes such a good friend to you (and she sounds like she is, you go to a lot of places together)
get over yourself, it's her they're scrutinizing not you! it's very shallow of you and anyway, why do u care what a bunch of prudish people at a lake think?
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@: surreal
Right on! Exactly what I was thinking!
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It's normal because the body grows pubic hair naturally. Now in today's society having pubic hair is taboo. So it depends on which question you are referring to.
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It's plenty normal. see for yourself at:






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its about being clean when you are hairier it smells down there just ask cavemen
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i knew someone with that much hair....we called her squirrel behind her back
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there is nothing wrong with a full bush it looks beter and taste better
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get her a gift certificate to get waxed.
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thats gross shave her while she sleep
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Hey see the movie Get Him To The Greek that should explain to you the importance of furry walls, they make you feel good inside, and feel safe.
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i'd be embarrassed too... my god thats worse than a 71 yr old women.... maybe you should plant crabs in her bush while shes asleep i know it sounds mean but sure enough she should shave....
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y r u bothered about your friends minge ? r u a lezza ?
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