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My girlfriend lets me have sex with her while she's sleeping.
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My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years, and friends for 3 before that, so we're very close, trusting, and secure with each other. This is where my question comes in, because a couple weeks ago she told me if I wanted to have sex with her in her sleep, it was okay. She said since she's a heavy sleeper, it would be easy for her to keep sleeping through it as long as I didn't "pound her too hard".

She also told me that if I wanted to use her ass, it was fine. She doesn't really like anal, but she said that I can when she's asleep since she won't be aware at the time. I love that she's so willing to please me, but I'm curious. Are all girls like this when they're so close to their boyfriend? Am I just lucky? Is it normal?

Oh also, for those of you curious, I'm her first and only sexual partner, and I know her well, so I can confidently say that she's not just a slut XD
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How long has your girlfriend been dead?
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She's saying she'd rather sleep through it...you need to work on your technique!
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Can I come over when she is asleep? I mean she wouldn't notice, wouldn't she?
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Can someone really be shagged and not wake up??!!
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Mate why would you even want to shag somebody who is sleeping?
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You're lucky. But then those are always possible perks for being someone's first.
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Lol yeah if she prefers you having sex with her while she sleeps that's not good.

Now I on the other hand told my boyfriend to feel free to have sex with me if I'm sleeping but that's because I wake up pretty quickly and it's an uber turn on to be woken up sexually like that.
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No no, she wouldn't RATHER I do it when she's asleep. She loves sex; she just said if I was horny during the night, it would be kinky if I had sex with her in her sleep. The only thing she doesn't like doing is anal, but if she's asleep she wants me to fulfill my urges and use her ass if I want.
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On New Years, my friend was soo HORNY. She was telling me she wanted to have sex with me and that she would do anything to have sex with me and she was not drunk or anything...She just wanted to have sex for the first time and see hot it was so when se was sleeping I thouched her and she woke up and she say "Don't be afraid to drill me in my sleep" So the next day I started to fuck her in the pussy and she did not wake...How lucky am I ? She is a hard sleeper...
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We're lucky guys! My wife lets me have anal after getting her off because she falls asleep soon afterwards, relaxes, and doesn't even wake up when I'm doing it. Occasionally, she wakes up momentarily to let me know I'm too deep or need more lube, but she'd rather let me have anal that way than when she's awake and tense.
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Some people get off by pretending they're asleep or dead while someone is having sex with them.
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I thought this only happened on Glee Kink Meme, but apparently not.
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It's not normal, but its depends. In your situation, it's fine b/c of approval. I do it to my girl (of 3yrs) also. I freaking love it. Im doing it tonight. ***Warning*** When she wakes up, she's def gonna be ready.
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