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My girlfriends vagina lips are all saggy
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I think its gross, is there an operation that I can get her to tighten them up so she looks like a Hustler model ?
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What the fuck is wrong with longer labias? I'm with slackjawedyokel, you are not worthy enough for the pussy so stick to the assholes.
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big meaty pussy lips are where its must be gay.....if you like tight go find a gay tight asshole.
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The most 'talented' pussy and the absolute tightest pussy I've ever been in came from a woman with HUGE pussy lips. HUGE. She was amazing. I was always turned off by big pussy lips until then. After that, I prefer them big. Unfortunately, she moved far away and got married to a very lucky man many years ago. I haven't been with a woman whose pussy can measure up - in looks or feel - since. Dude...enjoy it while you have it. You can play with them, suck on them, lick them and they give additional stimulation to any part of your penis that is outside her vagina! Big pussy lips are a blessing!
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There's nothing wrong with big pussy lips.If your not happy with what you got get something different.Im sure her next boyfriend wont mind at all,i know i wouldn't.
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Picky boy.
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pussy is pussy plain and simple
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@: Havoc
You guys make me vomit, I'm with the poster, that's disgusting, who wants some flabby, rancid, stinky, flubbery vajumic labias. I'd rather have them sweet and tight on my dick and wet.....mmmmmmmmm.
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