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My hot next door neighbor
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I have a new neighbor that moved in like 2 weeks ago and the first day she moved in i kept having fantasys and want her, so like 2 days after she moved in she came over to my house to see if i could help her get some furtniture in to her house and after we were done we sat and chilled for a while then all of a sudden starts grinding up on me and rubbing her ass to my d*** it was real nice, we kept going at it hard, but then the next day when my parents left to church she came over saying she wanted more and i gave to her cause i wanted more 2 and we would also do role play and it was good and ok at first but now she wants it at leat 2 or 3 times a day and its getting annoying and she's draining my nuts dry, what should i do?HELP PLEASE!!!
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just tell her that you dont want to fuck her nemore
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lol atleast your getting something:)
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you should let her know that you need variety and that it was fine the first time but its time for you to move on and let her know that she is morethan welcomed to be your booty call once in awhile
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She a nymphomaniac you've done what you can get some of your friends involved and pull a train on her.
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well how old is she and tell her u want to give her more cum but to do that ull need to have sex less
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