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My love life unlucky?
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I get so sad sometimes thinking about the times I have had to socialize and meet people. I have tried to socialize with men. Most times I tried to socialize, guys just seem to ignore me and don't seem interested in me at all. I am a very shy girl and I am not good at socializing with people but I am a nice girl, so I don't know if that's why guys seem so uninterested in me. I don't think I am an ugly girl because sometimes strangers tell me I am beautiful or pretty. Even if I was ugly, ugly girls get boyfriends too. Yet, I am already 21 without having any dating experience or a boyfriend. All the times I attempted to put myself out there have failed because the guys didn't really seem interested in getting to know me (yet, I don't go to bars or clubs nor have I ever done online dating). It is also so depressing when people around you already have experience in dating and I just feel so late. Is my love life just unlucky because I have never encountered a guy who seemed interested in dating me?
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It could just be that you're going after the wrong type of guys. Is there a common trait all the guys you tried to get close to had? Maybe expect friendship from them first.
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You sound like a girl that mostly just wants a friend. I'm not sure where to find a non-creepy boy that is sincerely nice, but they are out there.
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