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My mom used to make me take off top at beach
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When i was young i remember that whenever i went to the beach with my family my mom used to make me take off my top piece and it made me very not comfortable !
She used to say back then that i didnt have boobs so why would i cover nothing and having a top will make boys think im old and have boobs
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Comments (7)
I don't think it's normal for little girls to wear two piece bathing suits because they don't in fact have anything to cover up above the waist, but if she embarrassed you that's not ok. She's sort of right, but she shouldn't have made you take your top off.
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OP is a 50 year old man.
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Your mother like to please men and using you for it also, me thinks.
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The mom should've bought her a one piece instead. What a dumbass.
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She didn't want you to grow up and probably still sees you as her little girl??
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Was it a thong bikini too with the G string up the crack of your ass ?
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What is wrong with a girl at any age not wearing a top at the beach? Some girls or women like to show off and others don't. I love to see those who like to show off.
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