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My mom's boyfriend licked/fingerd me
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My moms boyfriend lived with us for a while. and one night i thought i herd somone come into my room but then saw nothing to i went back to sleep and latly i've been having sexualy arosing dreams, where i finger my self in my sleep. so when i was sleeping i felt someone fingering me i was still half a sleep and i thought that it was just a dream. but then i felt somthing wet go in and out of my crotch and i looked and there he was. i told my mom the next morning and she said yeah right and to stop lying. she is still dating him. ( he is only 2 yrs older then me) i'm 25 now
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This is a potentially dangerous situation. You should report him to the police if you are sure that it was him. If your mother does not want to listen that is very wrong of her but you are old enough to go to the police about these matters.
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Wow, your mom's a bitch for being so closed-minded and her bf is just a bit of a tard. Just some observations.
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your mom wont even believe you?
and her boyfriend is only 2 years older than you?

...she sounds like a whore.
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There is too much information missing from your story. How did her boyfriend know to enter your room *and* find easy access to your private area? Seems like this was a risky thing to do on his part -- unless he knew in advance that he would not be turned away? You imply that this was unwanted, yet if it was, you leave out what your reaction was to what he was doing. If my mom's boyfriend had sneaked into my room and done that, I would have screamed. What was *your* reaction? All we are told is that you told your mom. Did you tell your mom what your reaction was? If I were your mom, I would ask why you didn't scream. This may be why she didn't believe you. She may be thinking, "If she's so bothered by what he did, why didn't she scream or order him to leave at once? Why let him continue unless she was glad he stopped by?"
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Your moms boyfriend is disgusting.
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Its pretty normal that a guy who is 2 years older than you would want to lick you or finger you. Hell, he probably wouldn't mind fucking you either.

Are you upset about him licking you or are you ok with it?
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At least you are of age! He shouldn't be cheating on your mother and she should've believed you. That says allot about their characters.
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sounds good to me i would like to be the guy
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