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My neighbors are obsessed. Help me!!
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My husband and I have lived in our house with our four kids for five years. Recently, we got new neighbors. At first they were cool n seemed normal. Now it is apparent that they are overly obsessed with us!! They buy the same stuff we do. Visit the same places. The only diff is they have two children. One of whom they leave sitting in his room, in his crib for at least 3 to 4 hours a day. He is almost 3 yrs old. In those hours, he plays among himself for half the time. The other one is about 6 yrs old. Has a speech problem. Can't understand a word he says. We have four healthy children. Thankfully. Our problem is when we have company which is quit often. They act jealous n start accusing us of ignoring them and treating them like bitches! In the ten months they have lived here we have gotten into more arguments than anyone in our lives. The man is overly controlling of his wife. She is afraid of him!! He tries to control everything, including us!! They try to start fights at any cost and I am just ready for them to leave us the Hell Alone!! Yet, they feel they r our family and get drunk and then tell us all about how much they love us. I can't deal with this. They know each and every time we leave our house. They have confessed to this!! They are trying to make our lives miserable because they don't have family like we do. This is not our faults. If they wanted to be treated like family, they would act like family. Our family does not act whiny, obsessed, and drunk. They don't go anywhere or do anything. It's not our fault they don't have lives or their own. They snoop on us. I can proove it! Isn't there something I can do about this?? Legally?? Please help us.
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Report any child welfare issues about the 3 year old or the other child to child protection. Otherwise stay out of their lives and any attempt to draw you in. Ignore them. Keep any necessary communication short. If its not necessary, leave it. And yes, good fences do make good neighbours.
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i don't know what you can do about bothersom neighbors. they can make your life miserable. why not google "bad neighbors" and see if there's anything you could use.

you know what they say: tall fences make good neighbors, or something close to that.
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Just tell them you don't want to be friends and that they should leave you alone, or get a restraining order.
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Wow. That's terrible. You need to report them to CPS Asap! A three year should not be jailed up in a crib for that long. That kid is not going to turn out okay if you don't report them. I'm serious
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Are you looking in the window? How do you know about their lonely kid? To rid yourself of them, do the opposite of what you do now. Try blasting gangsta rap... or classical whenever they're about.
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restraining order
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I don't like the way you dis their kids.
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Maybe kill them? If you're okay with spending the rest of your lives in prison, that is.
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You should have neighbors like mine! The neighbor on one side is always there anytime we need something. He even came over and offered to let me use one of his vehicles till I could get a replacement when I blew the engine in mine. The rest of the time they stay away and mind their own business. I wish I could return their favors but they never seem to need anything.
The neighbor on the other side has been there a year already and we have never spoken. I haven't even seen him and his wife up close enough to know what they look like. If I passed either of them in the grocery store I wouldn't know them from Adam. Whenever they are outside on their deck which faces our house and is about 50' away, if we come out of our house or pull into our yard in our car they quickly get up and go in the house.
They act like we have the plague, or that we were Jehovah's Witnesses, or something. It doesn't bother me, because I like my privacy anyway, and they certainly don't bother us in any way. But it's weird.
So I would say that even though my two neighbors are almost as different as night and day in some respects, they are both good neighbors.
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pop em in mouth
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