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My Penis Falling Off
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I have this constant fear that I will wake up in bed one morning and discover my penis has fallen off during the night? I wake up each morning and grab my penis and sack nervously to confirm they're still there. I wear whitey tighties to give myself that extra feeling of security each day. Also when I walk around the office at work I keep looking down at the floor behind me to make sure I haven't dropped something intimately important to me. I make 10 to 15 trips to the bathroom during the day to confirm my member is still present. I don't think I can take this constant stress every day. Is this normal or a bit unusual?
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A bit? Yes. A little more than a bit. I'm sorry darling...
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Is it big ?
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Y are U so afraid of Ur package falling off?
I'm sure if it "EVER" does U will "FEEL" it so no need for looking behind or feeling Urself just to make sure it's still there.
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Detachable penis, lol
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