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My period is late, why!?
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Well I was supposed to start my period the 8th of january (monday) and now its the 17th(wednesday) and I'm wondering why my period is like a week and a 1/2 late is it normal? (I'm not pregnant, I'm a virgin)
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Comments (10)
it's normal for periods to be late sometimes, especially if you are young. If it continues to be late and unpredictable you can get on the birth control pill to help regulate them. Sometimes women will even skip a month if they aren't pregnant.
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It's normal that young girls have their period late. Sometimes when you think too much or stress, it can make you have your period late.
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@: crazyme
well mine is 4 months late
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It may be because your taking Mediation or stress
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Are you taking some medicin ore drugs or do you eat piller p-piller then it is normal, but or als it's not!! lol
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You are pregnant with god's child. Behold the second cumming of christ.
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Hi there, firstly can you tell me if your periods are usually regular and on time. Do you ever suffer from period problems? Have you been having unprotected sex? There could be a number of reasons your period is late, you could either be pregnant, you could have problems with your womb or other menstruation problems. I would get this checked out by a doctor as soon as possible if you haven't got your period soon.
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dw it dusnt rle mean anything... sumitmes it jus happens. if yoo continue to miss perdiods then go to ur doctor
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Girls are wierd
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