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My point of view when it comes to being in a funeral....
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Ok so I noticed that whenever I'm at a funeral I don't cry, like at all. I'm not sure if I have a cold heart or if I interpret funerals differently than others? Also I notice that I'm not as social when it comes to being at a funeral. For example I'll be quietly sitting in a chair while others are socializing. Am I just different or can someone relate to this?
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I don't cry at funerals either everyone processes their emotions differently
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How often are you attending funerals? sounds really sad but you might be numb to them.
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@: Lies
Hardly any at all
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When the time comes you shall know the truth in your self.
Only you decide the person you want to beeeeeeeeeeeeee
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You are just better at coping with death than other softies. nothing abnormal bout it.
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