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My Rich Parents R Making Me Work
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Hi, iam in a deep situation. My whole life school life was so easy, i went to a private school and got everything i wanted. Now that iam finished my parents say the want to show me the realities of a cruel world and expect me to study and work at the same time, thats pathetic, how do they expect me to do both at once.

Anyway may parents have put conditions in my Trustfund. I have to complete a Degree as well as have a certain amount of work years experience this is f**king bullsh*t. I hate working and whats the point if iam going to get millions in a few years anyway. I hate the average life style and having to work behind bars, Iam the guy that can go out score beautiful women and buy $500 bottles of bubbly. What the f**k is wrong with my Parents? Being average sucks. Is it normal to feel this why?
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Comments (31)
Kill you parents and inherit thier fortune.
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you are an absolute bastard. You are a complete asshole!!! you think your above the rest because you have rich parents and don't need to work. your parents are doing the right thing by teaching you to live normally. Its teaching you to be indepedent so you don't have to always depend on your parents. Quit complaining retard: Just cause your rich doesn't mean your better than everyone elde in the world!!
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sirius, you are an idiot who cannot provide for yourself. nobody likes that
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If you were my kid, I'd donate my money to a charity and you'd have to earn your keep the way I for it. Just because your parents are rich doesn't mean your entitled to their money. It's a privilege, not a right. They decide who gets it, because it's theirs.
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Dont complain. Ill bet your trust fund that after one or two semesters decent performance at school while working your parents will tell you to concentrate on school so your grade will improve. And remember how lucky you are, few people can wonder through life doing everything they want.
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I went to a private school as well. I know where you're coming from I hate working as well, maybe guys like us were spoilt and got arrogant. I really would try to avoid this attitude though because I have found it makes me unpopular and lead you to trouble. I mean its not useful for making friends.
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when you say you "score beautiful women", are they women your parents bought for you, 'cause you sound like a real loser who can only score the fat $150 whores
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@: callo
you are a fucking worthless piece of shit.
You HAVE to have money to be happy?
HAH! i grew up with hardly anything, and now i'm quite happy.
We have enough, and i have a job, study AND i balance my social life.
it may be normal for you to feel like taht, but my god. Take a look at life!
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wow you are a little bitch.
I guess your parents figured that out that too.
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Stop ur b*tching and moaning like a little c*nt. If ur parents don't want to give u the f*cking money then thats there choice, cuz its there money, not urs. F*cking kids now a days just want shit for free, like there parents owe them a f*cking living or something. I had to beg to come and live back with my parents. So start begging for the money b*tch. Maybe they just want to see that u have a level head on ur shoulders and a tiny pee brain stuck somewhere in that empty skull of urs, so they can die happily later on in life knowing that ur financially secure in life and u didn't blow it all on cars and drugs growing up. Sh*t head.
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Yeah just sounds like your a spoiled little idiot that has no idea what the real worlds like, or the satisfaction of earning your on money and paying your on way. So why don't you just Work and Study like most normal kids... and stop whinning like a little bitch
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I am too good for a job. I hate middle class trash. They think that their self righteous "I work a job and you dont" makes them so great. It's really their only way of "getting back" at the wealthy upper class people that they cannot ever be like and envy.
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"I am too good for a job. I hate middle class trash. They think that their self righteous "I work a job and you dont" makes them so great. It's really their only way of "getting back" at the wealthy upper class people that they cannot ever be like and envy."

Well fuck you, fauntleroy! Middle class trash? Let me share a little something with you that mommy-kins and daddy-kins maybe never did.

Without US (meaning the "Middle Class Trash") you, yer worship, would most likely be eating out of a KFC garbage container sometime soon.

So you like being rich hmmm? Great. Good for you. How does your day go, get up around the crack of noon, go down to where your breakfast is waiting - prepared for you, no doubt, then zooming off in your sportscar to tete'-a-tete' with all your oh so rich asshole friends?

Now lets look at the flip side, once mommy and daddy have gone to the great bank vault in the sky.

The "trash" you speak of fixes your food, because your oh so privilaged ass has probably never learned how to make so much as oatmeal and have it be edible.

That car you love so much? Wonder what you'd do if you ever got a flat or a blown spark plug and Auto Club wasn't around? (And I pray that it happens to you about 3:00am in the worst neighborhood in your town)

Your big fancy house? Ever wonder how your friends would react if they came over and it was the pigsty that YOU leave it in? Because You never learned how to clean, as THAT kind of thing is "Beneath" you.

For that matter, I bet you would smell raunchy enough that even your little prosti-girls might think twice about sucking the royal penis - if it wasn't for the "trash" who washes your clothes and primps and pampers you to keep you from stinking. You certainly don't have the brains to operate a washer/dryer.

So yes, go right ahead and badmouth "the Trash" -but make sure you do it where we can't hear you. You might find that we Unpampered types can get even in ways that you can't imagine whilst playing with your platnum rubber duck in your mink lined bathtub.

Ever see a movie called "Trading Places"? If there is a God, I PRAY that you wind up homeless on the street, just for a month or two in December.

Wake up to reality you spoiled little rich twat!

Better yet, hire me to make your perfect life livable. Pay me a fortune to keep you up and running you high maintinence bastard. You can trust me...I promise massah!

October - Middle Class and Comfortable!
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but make a life insurance
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You will apreciate the things you have handed to you more if you know what its like to earn them. Your parents are very right.
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Why don't you focus on something you enjoy doing and then work will not seem so bad, something not stressful. Consider moving to an island in the caribbean and bartending, something really easy, may not pay well, but you can live well if you have supplemental income. Look into working for a hotel too, often you have free board and they aren't exactly killing themselves. If I could start all over again, I think I'd work for a hotel someplace in Hawaii.
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Your parents are trying to ensure that you won't be stupid like the second generation inheriting a fortune always is. The way it works is someone in the family makes a fortune, it gets passed on to their children who make good use of it, then in the next generation the fortune is blown partying. By getting work experience, you are less likely to be a spoiled brat your entire life. Think of it as unlearning your current flaws. You will not only appreciate your money more, you will appreciate people who work for you more. Your complaint is not justified, there are thousands of students who work and study at the same time and get by with good grades, including myself. I suppose your rich parents are paying for your school too right? I pay for my own school, I worked my tail off in high school to get scholarships, but in the end I will be at least twenty thousand dollars in debt. I hate people like you. If you're too lazy to get through studying and working at the same time, you don't deserve the money.
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Dont you feel a little bit of a looser just sitting there and doing nothing and getting all that money from your parents?

I mean, you are COMPLETELY dependent upon them.
They say jump, you say how high?

In reality it kinda diminishes your "winner" image.
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> They say jump, you say how high?
No, when they say jump, he posts a message on this site saying "MY PARENTS WANT ME TO JUMP BUT I'M SPOILED! WHAT DO I DO! WAAAA!!"

Yeah, your parents are just trying to set you straight. It will be good for you. Just rest assured knowing that even if you fail once or twice or over and over again... they're always a safety blanket to fall back on. Many people don't have that privilege.
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It seems to me that if you do inherit this money you will only have it for a short time because you wont know how to handle and blow it and then youll be back to an avertage lifestyle. Id like to be around to see that Ha Ha
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Off course most people will envy having all that money.

But you are still just yourself and nothing better.
You just happen to be sitting in an expensive car... being full of yourself without really having anything to back it up with.

Not excactly the kind of person anybody with brains would want to hang out with.
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Hi there, you might not think it at the moment but your parents are actually doing you a big favour here. In years to come wouldn't it be nice to think that you have put something into society, done some work to help this world we live in, instead of just taking from it. I know many rich people who do volunteer work, they dont have to work because they rich but they genuinly love to help the needy people of this world, especially children suffering from abuse, people who are starving and others suffering from natural dissasters, think of your self very lucky to be born into wealth, others right now are wondering where their next meal or drink is coming from and dying. Maybe you should not consider working for money at all but do some volunteer work or missionary work while studying, this will make you feel much better and more human, any way good luck whatever road you take and I do hope this has helped..
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Its called average person life, it sucks get over it
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Oh I feel so sorry for you
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"Waa waa waa"
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"I am accustomed to a lifestyle of wealth and luxury the likes of which the Serfs can only dream of. But because I have become so soft, I must now endure with only some of those privaleges, and must now work side-by-side with some of the Serfs. Do you not feel bad for me, Serf?"

"Screw you, M'Lord."
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Mr. Toad's father was a great toad who built Toad Hall and, through hard work and intelligence, created the Toad Fortune.

Mr. Toad himself, on the other hand, was a spoiled heir who pissed the Toad Fortune away on Mororcars. Toad Hall got taken over by Weasels.
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Ummm....really having them make you work and study for your money is a good thing. That way you know what it is like to work. If you got millions of dollars just like that you'd probably spend it , but if you worked for that millions you'd know how hard it is for a average person to get that much money and keep it.

but dont use this as an excuse but it isnt all your fault your spoiled rotten, its mainly your parents fault your like how you are , a very spoiled brat. because bad parents make bad kids and parents who always let their kids get what they want makes their kids get used to that and used to everything being there that they need or want and the kids grow up spoiled and rotten. But i bet if your parents made it hard on you or atleast like a middle class family type thing ( you dont get everything you want but you still dont have to work for everything) you wouldnt be spoiled right now and be arrogant and saying all those things.
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I also attended private schools, even had a maid (or as mom used to call her a "home assistant") but I have realized ever since moving out living on minimum wage while studying at university has made me thankful for the basics I have like shelter and a stable food supply as oppose.
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to others who don't have it.
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