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My sister is a pervert
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I am 19 yrs old and my sister is 16 yrs old.sometimes,very rarely though my sister walks naked in the house when our parents are not there.3 yrs back also she stripped in front of me and made me fondle her genitals .this stopped after a week though and since then she has been silent about it.i find myself at a dilemma .should i have sex play with her?or suggest a remedy .i think about my sister all the time.
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My little sister used to do striptease acts for me starting when she was about 11. (I'm a year and a half older than her.) The first time she did this, my mother was present. She kept pulling down her pants, teasingly showing her butt. Sometimes she'd show the front view too. My mother was surprised and kept asking her if she was a stripper, but didn't make too big a deal out of it, probably because she thought we were too young to know what sex was about.

My sister teased me and got me turned on in many other ways too. For my part, I was totally excited by it and ended up fantasizing about her a lot. Most people will probably think I'm the pervert because guys always get the blame, but she was the one who started the whole thing and kept it going.

I felt so guilty about my sexual feelings for her that I developed sexual fantasies in which I was forced to have sex with her "against my will." I imagined she somehow became dominant over me and turned me into her sex slave. Once these fantasized took hold, I had the further problem that whenever she was aggressive or demanding with me (which she often was), no matter what it was about, I'd become aroused. I also became aware that there was a power element to it on her part. If she wanted something from me, all she had to do was make a sexually suggestive gesture or statement and I'd become immediately compliant. Having me under her sexual spell was a way of controlling me.
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depends really whether you are M or F.

I've peeked at my sister having sex before (It is COOL as she looks Just like Moi) but my attraction wasn't toward Her you understand.

More importantly, I think you're reaching. Just because a girl happens to walk naked through her own home when nobody is around is NOT a come on.

Think with the big head.

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i want your sister
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i want to meet your sister, ill make sure to let her know how you feel. I'll demonstrate it for her.
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She's a sick twit and is torturing you. You are a guy, and guys are led around by their own dicks until... maybe forever.

Self control will teach her a lesson, and you do not want to give ppl like her anything to hold over your head. And what if he got pg??

Get a camera ready for the next time she's walking around naked and keep the pics to use in case you ever need. Be prepared to run after getting the shots of her.
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I think it runs in the family I suggest you give her what she wants and fuk her
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i think your a dirty pervert too, it's ok i'm perverted too
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Your gonna wish you hadn't.
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get help tell your parents
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"Should I have sex play with her?"

I think you mean, "Should I have MORE sex play with her?" Cuz from what you wrote, you've already had some sex play with her. I personally see nothing wrong with it, if you both want it. I agree with brian987987 that if you are going to fuck you should definitely wear a condom, unless she is on the pill.
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My sister also walks around naked, and when she came and asked me how to masturbate, I directed her to the Internet, but she keeps coming back to me about it, does anybody think I should show her myself?
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fuck her
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Fing wrong..;.
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Go for it!!! Perfect,,
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LOL Okay so you call your sister a pervert? What does that make you though?
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whell if you are going to fuck her then where a condem.
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She made you? Shut the fuck up!
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talk to her about that incodent and try to bring back memorys of your incodent. use secret sex words. she may get turned on and want to go further.
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