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My sister raped me when I was younger?
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When I was younger my sister made me eat her out all the time and she smelled terrible it went on for years. I was too young to understand. Then it stopped around when I was 9. Never had a girl any time after and now I'm 18 want a irk so bad what to do?
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Ask your sister, she might let you throw your leg over for old time sake.
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My sister was two years older then me she molested me then use to blackmail she tell mom if I didn't do what she wanted... It messed my head up! I still don't talk to my sister today and my parents think it's normal!! Fuck families I like my friends only... I'm sorry for u.... God bless u...
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You should definitely talk to your sister about this. Confront her about your feelings towards the situation. Now if she doesn't care for you and your situation then go to your parents about it. Best of luck.
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I wouldn't talk to her ever again, honestly. That's just not right. A counselor can help you work through this shit a lot better than any forum can though, it's not always easy... I had similar experiences when i was young and didn't know what I was doing, and it can take some time and some patience to set shit straight in your head again. But plenty of people have survived things like this and found healing. You can too :)
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Rape her back. I know it sounds vindictive and two-wrongs-don't-make-a-right and all that, but you need to get your power back. She stole a part of you, and you need to reclaim it.
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Now that you're both adults, confront her on this. If your parents won't listen to the truth then see a therapist to help through this. Good luck.
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