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My sister turns me on (I'm a girl)
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Ever since I've begun to mastrubate, I started noticing how hot my sister is. By the way I'm 15 and my sister is 17. Anyways I like to wait until she falls asleep and then go to her room, sit by the bed and mastrubate. I sometimes even open the shower door and mastrubate to her silhouette through the shower glass. She's actually cought me a couple of times, but she never realized it was HER I was mastrubating at. Funny thing is, I'm not a lesbian, and I don't think I even bi, because my sister is the only female I'm attracted too.. lately I managed to convince my sister to mastrubate infront of me while I mastrubate infront of her. I think she's turned on by me as well. This one time we were THAT close from making out. Is that normal? What should we do?
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its pretty normall im a girl and im not bi or lesbain i now it because im only atracted to my older sister, before she was asleep and i was eating her pussy, she woke up and saw me but told be to carry on she said it fel good, and then the next day she told me to do it again and when i do i cum alot !
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My ex was bi and so was her sister and they liked each other for years before she went just for guys. i didnt find this out till after she became my ex. i think its unusual but it does happen.
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im cumming now just thinking abhout it,
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sister on sister is normal, but sister on brother is not normal
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I don't see anything wrong with it
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just go for it, make the mood really romantic, light a candle, put a porno on, get in the mood

then have her sit on your lap, slowly start to rub her butt, and caress her pussy, then face each other, get close enough so that you can smell each others breath, move closer, and make out with lots of tongue

after you've made out and gotten a good taste of each others tongues, put your finger down her panties and up her butthole, start fingering her, after you've gotten it deep up there, take it out and lick your finger
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the only normal thing you can do is invite me and ill fuck you both
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go and make out with her without asking
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Yes the same thing happened to me. Im 17 and my sister turned 19 2 weeks ago. She visited our hometown for the summer from college. And OMG she's so fuckin beautiful. she lost 75 pounds and she's fuckin hot too! She's tall 5'9, light skinned long black hair, busty she's curvy and has the most cutest face ever. I recently had a dream about having sex with her and i woke up feeling wet. She goes back to college in August and i don't want her to leave and before she leaves, i wanna fuck her fucking brains out and make her cum
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um all this talk about girls fingering really turns me on, a man sometimes I wiswh I had a sister ,please do talk more. But really every thing is normal in this world, except for mudering and forced sex, and prejudism
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That is sooo hot. Love the idea of the two of u masturbating together, sounds so kinky to b doing it with ur sister ;)
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