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My sisters boobs
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My sister is 10 years old and she has big boobs. I checked her bra and she is a 36c. Everytime I look at her I get a hard on. She caught me staring at them once. I jerk off to them a lot and when shes sleeping I undo her bra and I play with her boobs. Is it normal for me since Im 15?
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well first off i d0nt believe a 10 year old will have big boobs.secondly i dont believe all these stories about stuff happening while people are asleep.youd have to be dead not to wake up while having some of the shit done to you that some of you little creeps claim you do.

so next time you post a fake story make the age more believable and figure out some way to handle the boobies without her being asleep.
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if u invited me over cud i av a play as well. Dus she let u touch her pussy?
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thats not normal...but her size is the average size of womens breasts today, to the band and cup
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HEY if my 10 year old sister had developed a fantastic firm pair of 36 c breasts I sure wouldnt be on the internet like you are I would be deciding on my plan to breach her knickers and bonk her damm brains out daily
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No your gross
Id kill oyu if youd touch my boobs
and im 14
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...I do hope you were kidding. You were, right?
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Tell ur sister to let me play with her tits
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Jump on in then. Haha.
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maybe she wakeup but she pretend that she sleep maybe ??
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