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My snot comes down from my nose into my mouth.
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OK. I like it when the snot in my nose reverses and comes into my throat. It's so, so, so, tasty! Do I have a body problem or something? Is my nose in a wrong position? Is my mouth, too? Just what is right and wrong about it?
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Comments (14)
The technical term is postnasal drip.

Sometimes having a deviated septum causes all that to go down your throat rather than out your nose. If it's semi-constant it could be sinusitis - or allergies.

This in itself is normal... but if you find it tasty... that's... definitely not normal. Good luck with that.

See an Ear Nose Throat specialist! They'll perform a scratch test for allergies to possibly prescribe you something to help stop it.
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Definitely allergies.
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Eww! You mean it goes from your nose, down your throat and into your mouth? Could be a case of Sinusitis.
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isn't that flem?
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i get that too! but i find it gross!!
i might have sinusitis cause i have had a headache by my sinuses for over 2 years now o_O
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that happens to me too but only when im really sick and yes it is quite gross
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Um ew...
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OMFG. You have a problem. Seek help, immediately.
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Fuck I almost Threw up reading this X(
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Yea...that happens.
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That's a salty situation!
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How far can you spit it?
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This happens to me sometimes and I really hate it. The other day, I coughed out a small yellow mucus jelly thing. It wasn't a boogie as far as I could tell. Just mucus.
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You should replace chef Gordon Ramsay on his television shows.
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